Factory Honoring Our Heroes!

We’re a little less than a month out from Memorial Day weekend which is an opportunity for us all to honor those heroes who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Today, our world is facing a war on a pandemic, which requires heroes nonetheless. They are in the form doctors, nurses and all those in the health care fighting this virus. They are teachers who find new ways to continue to teach our children and keep some normalcy in their lives. Public servants like truck drivers, grocers, cashiers, custodians, etc. who work tirelessly to keep essentials available and open for us all. We are all very privileged to have so many of these every day heroes in our lives. To acknowledge the work that they continue to do and the sacrifice that these heroes had to make, we have planned an At Home Workout Hero Week. Push just a little harder in each workout knowing the reason they were created.

Monday through Thursday, we will have memorial WODs planned that were created by communities to honor someone or some event. Friday’s, however, will be “HSE” which is a tribute workout dedicated to all of the healthcare professionals and frontline staff who risk their lives to help in fighting COVID-19.

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Friday, August 14, 2020

Front Squat  10 x 2 every 2minutes  12 Minute amrap 2 Rounds  6 BFB 3 squat cleans 135/95 2 Rounds 6 BFB 3 squat cleans 185/105 2 Rounds 6 BFB 3 Squat cleans 205/125 2 Rounds 6 BFB 3 Squat cleans 225

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Shoulder press every 2minutes 10 x 2 For Time: 50 Dubs 27 STO 95/65 27 TTB 50 Dubs 21 STO 115/80 21 TTB 50 Dubs 15 STO 135/95 15 TTB 50 Dubs 9 STO 155/105 9 TTB