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Friday, May 15, 2020

Warm Up

3 Rounds: 10 Big Arm Circles (Forward/Backward) 20 Alternating Bodyweight Single Leg RDLs 1:00 Handstand Hold or Plank

Pre Metcon Strength: 2 Rounds of

2 minutes Tabata Bicep Curls (during 10 second rest hold weights in isometric 90 deg bent elbow position)

2 minutes Tabata strict press (during 10 second rest hold weights overhead)

2 minutes Tabata bent over row (during 10 second rest pull weights against rib cage and hold isometrically)

2 minutes Tabata lateral raise (during 10 second rest hold arms out parallel to floor “T”)

*Format – you will do 2 full minutes at one exercise before moving on to next. Once you complete all 4 exercises, repeat for one more round. Use a light weight for this, could be anything. The challenge will be in the isometric holds for each movement.


AMRAP 14 Minutes: 20 Alternating Chair/Box Step Ups 10 Hand Release Push Ups 20 Sit ups


· Try to keep alternating step ups at a smooth pace.

· If you are capable of handstand push ups, you can sub those for the hand release push ups.

· Scale to knee push ups or elevated push ups if needed.


· Alternating Step Ups:

· Hand Release Push Ups:

Metcon Advanced with Some Equipment

AMRAP 16 Minutes: 20 Weighted Alternating Chair/Box Step Ups 10 Strict Handstand Push Ups 20 Sit ups RX: 50#/35# Dumbbell


· You can rack the dumbbell on the step-ups however, you want. Don't rush these and stand up all the way. Use other weighted things you might have like vest, sandbag, etc. if needed.

· If you can't do 5 strict handstand pushups fresh, scale to 15 HR Push Ups.

· Keep sit-ups at a smooth pace throughout the workout.

Accessory Work

3 Rounds: 10-15 Weighted Single Leg RDLs (R/L) 10 Cat Cow Exercises 1:00 Hollow Hold

Stretch Sesh!

10 T-Spine Open Book Stretch (Each Side) 2:00 Frog Stretch 10 T-Spine Open Book Stretch (Each Side)

2:00 Standing Forward Fold

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