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Fueling Fitness Full Circle

I can still feel the surge of anxiety and self doubt as I got home after I dropped off the first Box Bistro prepared meals for sale at CrossFit Factory Square back on Center street almost 6 years ago. “What if nobody likes the food?” I said, pretty pathetically if I remember correctly. In moments like these I could be a bit dramatic. My longtime training buddy Rob quickly shot down that bleak thought and Holly, who was and always is in my corner, provided reassurance with her belief in me and the concept.

Since that first batch of meals was placed for sale at CrossFit our business has grown tremendously with the combination of drive, perseverance, resilience and products that help our customers live well and eat well. With a storefront location in Berlin, CT we are absolutely thrilled that our beloved Factory Athletics Facility will be home to our first satellite Box Bistro location. Back to where it all started, we are honored to come full circle within the community that helped fuel the spark that led to Box Bistro.

Now when you walk into Factory Athletics and Wellness center you will be greeted with a Box Bistro storefront which will include our prepared meals, snacks, drinks and smoothies, staffing a Box Bistro employee there to take care of all your “on the spot” nutrition needs to help you Fuel Your Fitness. We will also continue to take “Pre-orders” which allow you to plan ahead and have your selection of the newest menu set aside for you right when it becomes available, ensuring you don’t miss out on something that sells out at the store.

We have so many exciting things to fill you in on, and we couldn't wait to get the word out, so you will see us posting with more updates soon.


James and Holly Bannon

Owners/Chef - Box Bistro

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