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Presidential Fitness Test Challenge!

1. Cadence Partial Curl Ups Test:

Objective: To measure abdominal strength/endurance by maximum number of curl-ups. In this test, the maximum number of curl ups will be performed at a specific cadence.

Testing: Lie on cushioned, flat surface with knees flexed and feet about 12 inches from buttocks. The feet are not held or anchored. Arms are laying alongside the hips on the floor, palms down with fingertips touching a taped line. There is a second taped line 5 inches away from the first and when testing begins, slowly slide the fingers up towards this second line, then back down. The curl-ups are done to a metronome and are continued until you can do no more at the required pace. You should remain in motion during the entire interval.

Scoring: Record only those curl-ups done with proper form and in rhythm.

Here is a video explanation:

Here is the Curl Up Metronome:

2. Cadence Push-Up Test:

Objective: The push-up test measures upper body strength and endurance. In this test, the maximum number of push-ups are performed at a specific cadence.

Testing: Start in the push-up position - with the hands and toes touching the floor, the body and legs are in a straight line, feet slightly apart, arms at shoulder width apart, extended and at a right angle to the body. Keeping the back and knees straight, lower the body until there is a 90-degree angle at the elbows, with the upper arms parallel to the floor. You will place something beneath your chest to touch during each rep that allows you to get to this 90-degree angle, then back up (like shown in the video below). The push-ups are done in time to a metronome. Continue until you can do no more in rhythm or have performed more than 2 mistakes.

Scoring: Record only those push-ups done with proper form and in rhythm.

Here is a video explanation:

Here is the Push Up Test Metronome:

3. V-Sit Reach Test:

Objective: To measure flexibility of lower back and hamstrings.

Testing: A straight line two feet long is marked on the floor as the baseline. A measuring line four feet long is drawn perpendicular to the midpoint of the baseline extending two feet on each side and marked off in half-inches. The point where the baseline and measuring line intersect is the “0” point. Remove shoes and sit on floor with measuring line between legs and soles of feet placed immediately behind baseline, heels 8–12 inches apart. With hands on top of each other, palms down, place them on measuring line. With the legs flat, slowly reach forward as far as possible, keeping fingers on the measuring line and feet flexed. After three practice tries, you will hold the fourth reach for three seconds while that distance is recorded.

Scoring: Legs must remain straight with soles of feet held perpendicular to the floor (feet flexed). Reach slowly rather than “bounce” while stretching.

Here is a video explanation:

4. 1 Mile Endurance Run/Walk Test:

Objective: To measure heart/lung endurance by fastest time to cover 1 Mile.

Testing: On a safe, one-mile distance, you will begin running on the count “Ready? Go!” Walking may be interspersed with running, however, the goal is to cover the distance in as short a time as possible.

Scoring: Sufficient time should be allowed for warming up and cooling down before and after the test. Times are recorded in minutes and seconds.

*In this chart below – we tested Partial Curl Ups, V-Sit Reach, 1-Mile Run and Rt. Angle Push-Ups. This demonstrates scoring at 85th percentile, which boys and girls must reach for the Presidential Award.

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