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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Warm Up For Max Effort 15 Second Plank 15 Second Rest 30 Second Plank 30 Second Rest 45 Second Plank 45 Second Rest 1 Minute Plank 1 Minute Rest Max Effort Plank 1 Minute Rest Max Effort Plank

Metcon Hero Workout – Brenton 5 Rounds for Time Bear Crawl (100’) Standing Broad Jumps (100’) Perform 3 Burpees after every 5 Broad Jumps *Wear a weight vest if you have one Right into 5 Rounds For Time 50’ Bear Crawl Forward 50’ Bear Crawl Backwards 5 Burpees 20 Abmat Situps

Stretch Sesh 2 Rounds of Hold toe touch seated for 3 minute Hold Downward facing dog for 2 minutes (reach heals) Glasp Hands behind your back, pull shoulder back and chest forward – hold for 1 minute

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