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Saturday, July 04, 2020


For Time (in a Teams of 3) complete… 13 movements for 13 colonies completing 136 reps of each movement, which equals 1776 total reps completed, representing the year of our independence! *While 2 teammates split the reps as desired, there must always be a person running a 400m.  Take turns and continue down the list splitting reps as needed between 2 people as the next teammate takes the next 400m.

KB Swings 53/35 Box Jumps 24/20 Air Squats Push-Ups 136 Seconds of Low Plank Alternating V-Ups Lying Back Extensions Russian Twists with Plate 45/25 Lateral Hops onto Plate 45/25 Lunges w/ plate OH  45/25 Plate Bent Over Row 45/25 Plate Ground to OH 45/25 Plate Shoulder to OH 45/25 *Each person in the team must have their own Equipment and work in their own Space

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