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Saturday, March 28, 2020

For Time:

5 Wall Walks

10 Wall Walks

15 Wall Walks

20 Inchworms w/push up at bottom position (do not pause anywhere in movement, these should be completed as quick as possible)

25 Inchworms (same as above)

*If you are not comfortable doing Wall Walks, do all Inchworms for this workout

*After each set: 50  lateral jumps over an “Odd-Object”

(3-6″ in height, purely to give a target to jump over).


On the 0:00… 1 Mile Run

On the 10:00…  Your Choice of 100 Burpees, 100 Stand Up Sit Ups (, 150 HR Push Ups or 200 Box/Chair Step Ups (100 each leg alternating)

On the 20:00… 1 Mile Run

Stretch Sesh!

Hold cobra for 2 minutes

Hold bottom of Squat for 3 minutes Hold Downward Dog for 2 minutes Hold Samson Stretch for 2 minutes each leg

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