Thursday, May 21, 2020

Warm Up

3 Rounds: 100m Jog or :30 Marching 20 Bodyweight Single Leg RDLs 10 Lunge Elbow to the Floor

Strength #1:

AMRAP 6: Max Single Dumbbell Strict Presses (or anything weighted)

On the Minute: 10 Sit-Ups

· Within the 6 minute window, complete as many single dumbbell strict presses as possible

· You can alternate hands as you see fit, but we recommend changing every 5-10 reps

· Choose a weight that you are capable of completing 15+ reps unbroken with when fresh

Strength #2:

3 Super Sets: 10 Single Arm Overhead Lunge Steps (Right) 15 Single Arm Deadlifts (Right) 10 Single Arm Overhead Lunge Steps (Left) 15 Single Arm Deadlifts (Left)

· Working some one sided action today with a goal here to move directly from one movement to the next without sacrificing quality of movement

· Choose a weight that is challenging, but allows you to complete the 10 lunges and 15 deadlifts unbroken

· You have the option to increase weight each round or stay the same across


AMRAP 20 Minutes: *Alternate rounds with a partner 10 Weighted Ground to Overhead 20 Alternating Step Back Lunges 100m Run


· This is meant to be a fun workout to get your blood moving!

· If you are alone, no problem! Alternate rounds with yourself. If it takes you 50 seconds to complete a round then you will rest 50 seconds before starting your next round.

· Weighted ground to overhead can be using any weight you have from around the house!

· Alternating step back lunges can be done at bodyweight or holding a weight if you feel up to it!

· Finish out each round with a 100m run

Accessory Work

1 set Max Plank (can move from low to high or each side to stay planking

Stretch Sesh!

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