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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Warm Up

3 Rounds: 1:00 Marching 10 Slow Temp Squats (5 down / 5 up) 5 Push Ups to Downward Dog


AMRAP 20 Minutes: *Alternate rounds with a virtual partner 30 Plate Hops or Jumping Jacks 20 Air Squats 10 Burpees

· You will complete an entire round and then your virtual partner will complete an entire round. Find a friend and connect with them on FaceTime or another virtual platform and get after this one together.

· It's meant to be a fast pace because you will be getting rest after each set.

· If you don't have a partner, go 1:1 with yourself! Do a set and then rest as long as it took you to do one.

Accessory Work with your partner (You go, I go)

2-3 Rounds:

200m Run

400m Run

600m Run

*One person works while the other is resting

Stretch Sesh!

2 Rounds of 5 minute bottom of squat hold (2 minute rest between each)

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