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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

"Garage Fight"

5 Rounds of 1:00 at each:

Backpack Thrusters

Backpack Cleans (or ground to OH with a weight)

Hops over Backpack or your weight

Backpack or weight Reverse Lunges


Inchworms (keep moving, no pause)


*use a backpack or small duffel bag and weight it as you wish. Could use water bottles or cans wrapped in shirts/sweatshirts. Could also use a KB/DB/Weighted plate if you have one.

Score is total reps

Post WOD:

Immediately take a 10 minute walk. Just pay attention to breath and your surroundings. No music or technology. Just appreciate the walk.


Post WOD Stretch Sesh!

Hold a seated toe touch for 2 minutes

Hold a butterfly stretch for 2 minutes

Clasp hands behind your back and hold for 2 minutes (pull chest through and shoulders back)

Work on accumulating 2 minutes in a back bridge hold

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